Who we are

We represent all workers in the maritime sectors, port workers, airfreight handling workers, freight and passenger transport and logistics. We negotiate the social benefits for the sector you work in.

For example, we try to improve pay and working conditions for everyone. Below is a summary of the various sectors with the Joint Representation Committees for which BTB has authority.

Sector Joint Representation Committee
Social Security Code
Internal shipping 139.00 021
Merchant shipping 316.00 --
Sea fishing 143.00 086
Port of Antwerp
Port of Ghent
Port of Brussels/Vilvoorde
Port of Ostend/Nieuwpoort
Port of Zeebrugge/Bruges


Trade in fuels 127.00 091
Busses & Coaches 140.01 085
Taxis 140.02 068
Road haulage & Logistics 140.03 083
Airport airfreight handlig 140.04 083
Removals 140.05 084


BTB believes international solidarity is important, which is why we are members of the ETF – European Transport Federation and the ITF – International Transport Workers' Federation)