Whitebook social dumping

25 measures against social dumping.

This whitebook is the result of the research project 'Combating social dumping in order to improve working conditions of drivers and transport workers'.

This project is a joint initiative by the transnational department of the trade union ABVV, the Belgian transport union BTB and the research unit Social Competition and Law of the University of Antwerp. This report with recommendations completes the research. During the earlier stages an assessment was made of the existing European and Belgian legislation to prevent and combat social dumping in road transport as well as of the good practices in three Member states, more specifically Austria, Finland and The Netherlands.

By 'social dumping' we mean : employing drivers from countries with lower levels of pay and working conditions and lower employment protection in countries with a higer lever thereof.

This position paper offers concrete solutions, both at the national and European level, to correct the distorted situation in the road transport industry. It is an instrument meant to incite policy makers and employers to take the necessary steps to stop the exploitation and to enable all drivers to earn a decent living again.

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