XPO is by origin an American company and took over a lot of companies in Europe.

In Belgium more specifically they own Norbert Dentressangle, Menlo and Conway. But XPO is not only active in Belgium: there also have huge settlements in France, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, ...

This worldwide growth of XPO is also the result of the input of the workers. But they absolutely do not get remunerated as royal for this. In a lot of countries, XPO’s salary and working conditions are not that generous... for example: certainly not all workers have a decent hospitalization insurance.

In Europe, XPO is also guilty in organizing social dumping! These practices were started by former Norbert Dentressangle, and were further expanded by XPO. To this day, workers are still being forced to work in humanly degrading conditions for a minimal wage.

Off course, that way it’s easy for management to grant themselves fabulous bonuses... At the end of 2016, at the annual shareholders meeting, there was a plan on the table to grant 3,4 million new shares as bonuses, of which no less than 2,5 million were for CEO Bradley Jacobs. A CEO who’s known for trying to stop unions everywhere as much as possible.

The Teamsters, USA’s larges trade union for transport and logistics, called upon all shareholders to vote ‘no’. BTB also says ‘no’ against this shameless enrichment of Jacobs, and asked our delegates to pass this message at local management in Antwerpen, Asse, Ghlin and Welkenraedt. NO XPO GREED!


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