BTB-ABVV opens an office in Romania!

For some years now, there have been close contacts between BTB-ABVV and SLT, a Romanian truckers trade union. And now we are professionalizing!

On Tuesday 10th of October, a structural collaboration between Western European trade unions and SLT was announced in Bucharest, capital of Romania.

SLT, Romanian truckers trade union

Elena “Nina” Frandes is the heart and soul of SINDICATUL LUCRĂTORILOR DIN TRANSPORT (SLT). Some years ago she was working as a staff member in a transport company. The truckers drove in the west, and were always exploited. She couldn’t cope with it any longer, and started helping them. Not only did she lose her job, she also ended up in hospital as she was beaten up by her employer. The SLT trade union now counts a few hundreds of members. But SLT has a huge potential : everyday ten thousands of Romanian truckers are on our roads, driving for Western European transporters who own a (letterbox) company somewhere in Eastern Europe. They are forced to live like nomads in their truck for months at a time, and are not paid the wages they deserve ..

European collaboration to make SLT stronger

Under the umbrella of the European Transport Workers’ Federation SLT will be supported, to make professionalization possible. Not only financially! BTB-ABVV is one of the main trade unions in the network, together with trade unions from Denmark and Sweden. On Tuesday 10th of October, on a press conference in Bucharest, this collaboration was announced. Ion Radoi, president of ATU, umbrella organization of Romanian trade unions : “The Romanian input is crucial in the whole project. We are very happy with the support to professionalize SLT. Strong unions are important. Especially in the struggle against social dumping. The stronger the trade unions, the better they can fight social dumping!”

BTB-ABVV is of the main contributors!

Frank Moreels, president of BTB-ABVV: “With the help of ETF, BTB-ABVV and the other trade unions, SLT can now open a permanent office in the town of Targu Mures, the region where ten thousands of Romanian drivers come from. This office will be opened officially on Friday, 13th of October. Together with Ion Radoi, I am convinced that strong trade unions, in the East and in the West, are crucial in the fight against social dumping.”