ABVV-BTB and Uber strike historic deal for thousands of drivers

Union ABVV-BTB and Uber today announced a groundbreaking collaboration - a first of its kind within the EU - to improve working conditions for thousands of drivers who use the Uber app in Belgium.

The industry leading agreement signed today will mean drivers gain even greater protection, as Uber and ABVV-BTB come together to improve the future of platform work through social dialogue.

Drivers will retain the freedom to choose if, when and where they drive whilst also having the choice to be represented by ABVV-BTB. With this collaboration, ABVV-BTB is acting as a modern trade union and will represent the interests of all drivers irrespective of their employment status.

  • Uber will recognise ABVV-BTB as a representative for all drivers using the Uber app across Belgium.
  • Uber and ABVV-BTB will join forces to raise the standard of working conditions across the industry.
  • Drivers will have an even stronger voice within Uber, as ABVV-BTB will help shape major developments through social dialogue with Uber’s management, and a prominent physical presence in Uber’s Driver Hub.

Landmark agreement

Under the landmark agreement, ABVV-BTB and Uber will work together on a number of key topics including:

  • Representation: Union representatives will have a dedicated and prominent presence in Uber’s driver support hub to help drivers with any questions and matters of representation. ABVV-BTB and Uber leadership will meet quarterly to engage in social dialogue which will include discussing driver feedback and concerns.
  • Advancing working conditions: ABVV-BTB will collaborate with Uber on areas of importance in platform work, including experience of working with the Uber app, and the health and safety of drivers.
  • Appeal process: ABVV-BTB will play a role representing drivers if they seek to appeal a loss of access to the Uber app.

Tom Peeters, Deputy Federal Secretary Road Transport and Logistics at ABVV-BTB, said:
“After the historic agreement with the ITF, Uber has drastically changed its position towards unions. Through collaboration, negotiation, and social dialogue we are now able to focus on our core business: to improve the working conditions for all drivers. This deal would never have been possible years ago and we call on other platforms to take the same steps.”

Laurent Slits, Head of Belgium at Uber, said:
“This agreement marks a new chapter for Uber in the EU, one of collaboration with unions and a commitment to driver representation. This agreement will benefit the thousands of drivers who use our app and would not have been possible without the leadership and progressive stance of ABVV-BTB. We look forward to working with them on these important issues.

This agreement follows a ground breaking Memorandum of Understanding signed in February by Uber and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), of which the ABVV-BTB is an affiliate, agreeing to begin a social dialogue on working conditions for drivers and couriers. This collaboration marked a turning point and significant progress in the relationship between Uber and Unions.