Emergency number for stranded Ukrainian truck drivers: 02 / 421.10.55

Truck drivers on Belgian roads who have lost contact with their home base due to the conflict in Ukraine and who risk falling without money or even food, can contact the Social Fund Transport and Logistics (SFTL).

‘We don’t let our colleagues stand in the cold’, says Geert Heylen of SFTL. ‘We therefore call on everyone - truckdrivers as well as ordinary citizens - to give stranded drivers the emergency number 02/421.10.55, or to contact them themselves to report people in distress. ’

On Belgian roads, there are quite a lot of Ukrainian lorry drivers. Due to the war in their own country, they are often dependent on themselves and in some cases, they risk being in real trouble. ‘We want to help drivers who can no longer withdraw money, who have no shelter or even no food ’, says Geert Heylen of the SFTL. ‘It is not always easy to reach them. Therefor we have now set up an emergency number and we ask Belgian and other drivers to keep an eye on it. Citizens can also help. If they see a truck somewhere in the same place for a long time, they can give the emergency number or make a notification themselves via the number. ’

The SFTL asks to look forward to trucks with a Ukrainian license plate (UA), but also with a Russian (RUS) or a Belarusian (BY) registration number. ‘These people are now the victims of the madness of one man. Therefor we want to help them. After all, many Russians can no longer withdraw money’, says Heylen. ‘We really don’t want drivers to try to survive weeks in their cabin, withou t food and drinks and/or without any possibility of washing themselves. After all, we assume that many transport companies from the Eastern bloc would prefer to keep the trucks here, so they cannot be confiscated or such. The drivers are the victims anyway and we want to look for a solution for each of them. ’