Inland waterways

Approx. 85% of Belgian inland waterway workers are UBT members. Since it was founded, the UBT has worked to improve living and working conditions on boats. For example, our head office was responsible for setting up the Schipperswelzijn training centre. Inland waterway workers can contact the UBT about any questions concerning their employment contracts, notice periods, severance payments, working hours, statutory pay scales, overtime, parental leave, etc.

The Inland Waterways occupational group protects the interests of workers on the Belgian Joint Committee for Inland Waterways and concludes collective agreements on their behalf. All of these agreements are mandatory. As an inland waterway sector, we also contribute to the Flemish inland waterways policy. With its highly dense network of waterways, which are still under-used, the Flanders region cannot be beaten when it comes to logistics. As worker representatives, we have to think about this challenge, in order to propose solutions.

The following collective agreements apply in the inland waterway sector:

For any information about these agreements or other problems, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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