Do you work in the fishery sector

The fishery sector in which you work is part of Joint Committee 143.00 and has a NSSO number that starts with the prefix 086. You will find this information on your employment contract or pay slip.

The BTB has been defending the interests of workers employed in the fishing industry for years. That is, the fishermen who sail for a ship owner, fish unloaders or fish sorters who work in the Flemish Fish Auction, or fish processors who work in the fish mine.

We work closely with the Administrative Commission, the Guarantee Fund, the Social Fund, the Sea Fishery Fund, the Provincial Commission for Fisheries, the Consultative Commission for Fisheries of the Central Council for the Industry and the Technical Working Group of the SALV (Strategic Advisory Council for Agriculture and Fisheries).

What can we do for you?

  • You can always contact us for questions concerning:
    • recognition
    • Article 10
    • your remuneration or premiums
    • legal advice in case of problems with your employer
    • intervention in your file with your employer
    • legal assistance and defense of your file at the labor court
    • filling in your tax return
    • ...

Social benefits

As an employee in the fisheries sector, you receive various benefits. Here are a few listed by profession.

  • Sea fisherman
    • An allowance for transfer to the waiting list due to reduced ability to work.
    • A social premium
    • Provision of the usual protective clothing.
    • Compensation in case of loss, damage or destruction of the personal goods of the sea fisherman due to shipwreck, fire on board or other unforeseen events.
    • Repatriation and hospitalization expenses
    • The sea fishermen's fund has taken out insurance for the reimbursement of lost wages in case of occupational accident
    • Supplementary pension
    • Transportation of fishermen to the various ports of embarkation and disembarkation.
    • Subsistence security
    • Organizing training under the new licensing decree.
  • Fish unloader and fish grader (fish auction)
    • Social Premium
    • Additional holiday allowance
    • End-of-year bonus (paid by the employer)
  • Fish Processor (fish mine/packing houses)
    • Supplementary pension
    • Social Premium
    • Additional compensation in case of early retirement
    • End-of-year premium (paid by the employer)


BTB is behind the creation of PREVIS, the safety forum for fishermen. As a result, we also weigh in on occupational safety in the fishing industry. Based on investigations and the resulting recommendations, prevention measures are taken, and safety cards are drawn up. These cards are compiled into a handbook for fishermen: "Fishermen Fish Safely." Every year, the handbook is supplemented with additional measures, and a few times a year, all shipping companies and fishermen receive a newsletter describing these actions.

BTB has ensured that these safety instructions are now available via an app, in addition to ensuring that an iPad is available on each of Belgium's 65 fishing vessels. These instructions are explained using videos, photos, and instructions.

Here are the links to download the Prévis app:

 Apple Appstore:

Google Play:

 Here is the QR code to download the Prévis app:

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